Main Road, Woodham Ferrers, Essex, CM3 8RW


Woodham Ferrers Village Hall is situated in the old village of Woodham Ferrers,
which should not to be confused with South Woodham Ferrers who have their own Village Hall (and can be found here).

The land on which the hall is built was donated to the village by a local, well known, member of the Brett family.

A Trust Deed is dated 15th May 1939 and the object of the village hall was for the benefit of the inhabitants of the Parish of Woodham Ferrers and Bicknacre and “its immediate vicinity without distinction of sex or of political, religious and other opinions”.

The hall was registered as a Charitable Trust on the 9th May 1963, the trustees are Woodham Ferrers and Bicknacre Parish Council.

The relationship between the Village Hall and the Parish Council is a special one and support is readily made available should it be required.

The original hall was built in 1939 and some years later the kitchen was added. With this addition to its amenities the hall experienced many shows and gatherings of the local residents. The hall was extended to include what was always termed ‘the billiard room’ and this room saw the opening of the “Men’s Club” in the village. This met on a Monday evening and with two billiard tables, cards and darts was well attended. At that time there was also a thriving Youth Club which met once a week; but even with the influx of new residents support for the clubs reduced, leading to their closures in the middle 1988s and 1990s respectively.

After the rear hall was built many Flower Shows, Agricultural Shows and Summer Fetes were held annually; these shows were well attended by the inhabitants of the villages and there were many who became well-known figures in the culinary and gardening fields.

The rear hall was replaced in 1992 and officially opened on 27th October 1992 by the Mayor of Chelmsford, Councillor Edgar Roberts.

It was agreed by everyone that a new hall should replace the original hall and the village hall committee commenced the mammoth task of securing funding for the build. A Fund Raising Committee was formed and this attracted other local residents to come forward. Without them this task may not have been finalised. Funding was secured from the Parish Council, Big Lottery, Rural District Council, Chelmer Housing and many other funding bodies. Many of our local groups, clubs, et cetera who use the hall over many, many years, entered into the spirit of raising money. A ‘Buy a Brick’ fund was started, and a record of all our helpers will be on show in the hall as soon as this is completed.

The new hall was completed in 2004/05 and is experiencing a revival of many activities.